FTTH Conference 2014 - Stockholm

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We are pleased to invite you to the FTTH Conference 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden, at Stockholmsmässan from 18 to 20 February 2014. This conference is the largest FTTH event in the world with more than 3000 participants from 85 countries.

Workshops on 18 February

Up to ten workshops focusing on specific FTTH-related topics, such as Innovative Deployment Methods, Investing in FTTH, etc.


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Conference Sessions on 19 and 20 February

   - Sweden and the Nordics as a showcase of the positive effects of FTTH.
   - Speeches from ICT and Energy Minister Anna-Karin Hatt and Stockholm Lord Mayor Margareta Björk.
   - Several panel sessions covering such topics as Financing, Marketing, Smart Cities, etc.

Exhibition and Networking

More than 90 exhibitors will show the latest products, solutions and trends for FTTH networks, while you can use the exhibition area for networking and meetings.


The entrance fee covers attendance at all conference sessions and workshops, access to the exhibition hall, general catering, documentation and conference material, as well as online access to the presentations after the conference.

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Celebrate Fibre Today!

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Celebrate Fibre Today!

To honor the birthday of Charles Kao, who pioneered the use and development of fiber optics in telecommunications, FTTH Councils around the world will be celebrating the first annual Gimme Fibre Day on November 4, 2013.

The celebration will showcase how fiber optics have positively impacted communities around the world and what policymakers can do to accelerate its deployment and adoption.

Charles Kao

Sir Kao was jointly awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics for "ground-breaking achievements concerning the transmission of light in fibres for optical communication”.

Read more on Sir Kao here.

"Thank you for so honouring Professor Kao on his birthday - he will be 80 years old this year", declared Mrs. Gwen Kao, Professor Charles Kao's wife. "Back in the early days, when he announced that optic fibre would change the world, I laughed at him and joked about a Nobel Prize! Decades later, we live in a high-tech world so full of creativity, where products improve so fast that items become obsolete overnight. We are finally able to fully appreciate the impact of his vision. He would be very touched if he understood the event, but he has been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for the last 11 years.


On his behalf, I wish you a successful Gimme Fibre Day!"

Find below the Gimme Fibre Day activities programme for 4 November listed per organization and per country.

Gimme Fibre Day ProgrammeFTTH Council AmericasFTTH Council Asia PacificFTTH Council Middle East North AfricaFTTH Council Africa


Click on a country flag to see the listed activities:

Austria ProgrammeBelgium ProgrammeCzech ProgrammeFrance ProgrammeItaly ProgrammeNetherlands ProgrammeNorway ProgrammePortugal ProgrammeSpain ProgrammeSweden ProgrammeSwitzerland ProgrammeUK ProgrammeUSA Programme


- If you are on facebook check the I want Fibre page.

- If you are on facebook use #gimmefibre



Online Live-Talk-Show on FTTH Open Access Models

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Online Live-Talk-Show on FTTH Open Access Models 4 November 2013, 3PM CET

Don't miss our Gimme Fibre Day Special Talk-Show!

  Gimme Fibre Day

On 4 November the FTTH Council Europe channel will feature a special live Gimme Fibre Day talk on FTTH Open Access Models in the Nordics at 15:00 CET.

Open Access on broadband and in particular on fibre networks is a very hot topic all over Europe. Sweden has a long tradition of open access FTTH networks. You can find all different models implemented: open access to empty ducts, to dark fibre or to bandwidth based on bitstream.

Join the talk show to get a deep insight in the different open access models, its specific advantages and challenges and learn how open access on FTTH works in practice.

Mikael Ek, Managing Director, The Swedish Urban Network Association, will be your host.

Guests will include
     - Jonsson Hafsteinn, Network Manager, Karlstads Stadsnät, Sweden
     - Per Norrthon, CEO, Stadsnät I Svealand, Sweden
     - Jörgen Svärdh, CEO, Utsikt Bredband AB, Sweden.
Check out the panellists' profiles here.

To join the talk show, go to tv.ftthcouncil.eu at 3PM on 4 November 2013.

Gimme Fibre Day!



Gimme Fibre Day on 4 November

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Don't miss out!

Gimme Fibre Day on 4 November

People all over the world will participate in the inaugural Gimme Fibre Day, an annual 'event' jointly created by the FTTH Councils Global Alliance to celebrate the only future-proof solution and showcase how fibre has positively impacted communities across the world.

The date for this annual celebration of fibre optics was selected because it corresponds with the birthday of Nobel Prize winner Sir Charles Kuen Kao, the man who changed the way the world communicates. Sir Kao was jointly awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics for "ground-breaking achievements concerning the transmission of light in fibres for optical communication".

Organise your own Gimme Fibre activity

Let us know what you are up to. We invite you to organise events, product launches, special customer offers, etc. Just send us the details (download form here) by e-mail to gimmefibre@ftthcouncil.eu or complete the online form and your event will feature in our Gimme Fibre Day programme.

If you are on facebook you can also post on I want Fibre page.


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FTTH Council Europe's activities

We at the FTTH Council Europe will of course do a lot of additional activities to celebrate the Gimme Fibre Day. This will include:

  • A dedicated online streaming TV channel with videos, interviews and round table discussions about FTTH. You are invited to send us interesting videos about FTTH and the impact of FTTH!
  • Our website www.gimmefibre.eu will be THE portal to all activities in Europe - if you plan an activity, make sure you let us know - we are happy to add it on the website
  • We will do several press activities on and around the Gimme Fibre Day. This includes a joint press release of all five global FTTH Councils
  • We will do a dedicated campaign about the benefits of FTTH on the Gimme Fibre Day. A special email-blast to selected decision-makers in Europe will remind them about the importance of FTTH


To make the Gimme Fibre Day a success, we need YOU. Be creative and plan you special activity on the 4 November to tell the world:

Gimme Fibre Day


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FTTH Conference 2014 - Stockholm

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The event has grown every year and reached more than 3000 attendees in London in February 2013. For 2014, we expect another increase. ATTENDEES profiles: European Commission's decision makers, national governments and municipalities; operators' (incumbents, alternative operators, utility companies) management level; investment banks, financing institutions; service and application providers' management level; analysts and industry experts; technical experts, operators and academia.

The attendance to this event is expected to be high from the Europeans, coming to Sweden to see, how FTTH was implemented. It is expected up to 2500 international guests in Stockholm for the conference.

Main TOPICS for 2014 are:
      - Sweden and the Nordics as a showcase of the positive effects of FTTH
      - Fibre-enabled services like eHealth, care for elderly people, eGovernment and new ways of working
      - Financing of FTTH networks
      - Marketing of FTTH networks and take-rates
      - The role of FTTH in smart cities and smart regions
      - Innovative solutions for fibre networks



FTTH Council MENA - Conferência & Exposição 2013

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FTTH Council MENA tem o prazer de convidá-lo para a 5ª edição de sua Conferência Anual e Exposição que será realizada sob o patrocínio do Ministério da Indústria, do Comércio e Novas Tecnologias, em 27 e 28 de Novembro de 2013, em Marrakech, Marrocos. 

A agenda da conferência inclui toda uma série de estudos de caso para os operadores e projetos de negócios. É também uma plataforma para a discussão de uma série de assuntos técnicos e normativos relacionados, sendo a exposição organizada à margem da conferência, onde serão exploradas as últimas inovações nas fibras ópticas e na área das telecomunicações.

Na véspera da conferência será realizado um workshop que aborda as várias questões relacionadas com a implementação do FTTH, que acontecerá no dia 26 de Novembro intitulado: "Construindo o Business Case FTTX: O mundo real, as melhores práticas para a Região", com a participação vários de especialistas internacionais regionais, em fibras ópticas. 

Nas palavras de Faris Awartani, o FTTH Council, desde a sua fundação, trabalha em preparar um ambiente económico favorável e ser uma plataforma interactiva para os operadores de telecomunicações nos países árabes, juntamente com seus pares em outros países do mundo, incluindo fabricantes, instaladores e órgãos governamentais, com a finalidade de discutir os desafios e oportunidades que enfrenta a indústria FTTH no Médio Oriente e Norte de África.
Evidenciou ainda a importância das redes de banda larga, e o seu apoio na transformação das economias da região, orientando-as para economias baseadas no conhecimento, permitindo que os habitantes de áreas remotas se possam conectar à internet, apontando para o crescente interesse governos regionais na tecnologia FTTH, e o seu impacto positivo na região.

Consulte o Programa da Conferência Aqui.

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