FTTH Conference 2016 - Luxembourg

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The FTTH Conference has grown significantly since 2004 to become since the last few years the largest FTTH event in the world!.

Organised by the FTTH Council Europe, with each annual edition held in a different European city, the three-day event is all-inclusive with conference, workshops, exhibition, hands-on demos and first-class catering.

Key Numbers 2015

- 3,000 participants from 85 countries
- 95 exhibitors & partners
- 14 conference sessions
- 9 workshops
- 130 speakers
- 60+ media representatives
99% of respondents would recommend the event 

Attendees' Profiles 2015


Join us for the FTTH Conference 2016!

The FTTH Conference 2016 will be held in Luxembourg from 16 to 18 February.

- Workshop Day on 16 February
- Conference sessions and Exhibition on 17 and 18 February

Join our Workshops and Conference sessions about the following topics:

- The Billion-Euro promise: where is the money for FTTH?
- FTTH in Europe - progressing or lagging behind?
- Good FTTH planning is half the battle!
- Why do business users want FTTH?
- What is the story behind the Gigabit Community?
… and much more!

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