FTTH Conference 2020 - Berlin 1-3 December 2020

FTTH Conference 2020


The world’s leading fibre technology, solutions, digital investments and policy conference & exhibition, organised by the FTTH Council Europe, promoting the rapid roll-out of future proof ‘full fibre’ infrastructure and underpinning the digitalisation of European society and economy is coming to Berlin, 1-3 December 2020.
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              • 3,300+ participants from over 100 countries
              • 650 + C-level attendees 
              • Operators, vendors, investors and international
                fibre technology experts

   11 workshops & 15 conference sessions
   • 150 leading industry speakers
   • Latest FTTH Market Panorama data
   • Fibre technology presentations                                 




  The two day conference, which is preceded by a day of expert workshops, runs alongside the technology exhibition and will
   include topics:

    •    Technology, innovation and best practices for Gigabit experience; FTTH, FTTB, 5G, convergence, FTTx, FWA
    •    The ways to accelerate deployment of full fibre-based Very High Capacity Networks & delivering ubiquitous full fibre
          based connectivity
     •    Ensuring a more efficient and practical legal framework that cuts red tape and barriers to network deployment
     •    The digital industry’s contribution towards the European Green Deal
     •    Finding the proper way for copper switch-off
     •    Tackling misleading fibre advertisement & facilitating consumer awareness
     •    Building converged 5G - fibre networks & quantifying 5G rollout cost savings
     •    Ensuring efficient investments in digital infrastructure and competitive fibre networks that will connect every citizen
          and business in Europe and beyond

1-3 December 2020 - Hub 27, Messe Berlin