Revista APDC Setembro 2007: "CBE quer duplicar facturação"


Revista Market Report: "Grupo CBE cresceu 11% em 2006"


Jornal Semana Informática: "CBE atinge os 14 milhões de euros"


Revista Computerworld: "CBE facturou 14 milhões de euros em 2006"


Jornal Diário Económico: "Grupo CBE quer duplicar facturação para 30 M€ nos próximos três a cinco anos"

The Group CBE, a company specialized in engineering and construction of telecommunications, today announced that grew 11% in 2006 over 2005, to 14 million euros, expecting to reach 30 million over the next three to five years.

"The growth of CBE will continue rise by the end of the year, which will result in a 12% increase this year, with the company to surpass the 15.6 million euros," said in a statement the president of CBE, quoted by Lusa.


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