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ISO - QAS Certifications

CBE's Management, in order to be a reference company and leader in providing services in the telecommunications sector and in offering integrated telecommunications solutions for fixed and mobile networks, aiming at customer satisfaction, defines its policy and implements its strategy based on the following principles:

  • Ensuring business profitability;

  • Identify the needs and expectations of the relevant Stakeholders, ensuring their satisfaction.

  • Promote employee training, awareness and motivation.

  • Promote and commit to the consultation and participation of its workers and / or their representatives on aspects of safety and health at Work.

  • Comply with the requirements applicable to the activity, including the legal ones, those related to its environmental aspects and those related to safety and health at work, as well as other requirements to which the organization subscribes.

  • Ensure that risks and opportunities, which can affect service compliance, are determined and addressed.;

  • Maintain the Management System, reviewing it, and establishing objectives and goals, which allow its continuous improvement, the protection of the environment and the consequent improvement of the Environmental and Safety at Work performance, prevention of injuries, injuries and damage to health.

  • Ensure that this Policy is kept up to date, communicated, understood and applied.

  • Develop an internal and external communication process with the aim of informing employees, customers, and other interested parties, regarding aspects of quality, environment and safety.

  • Contribute to the minimization of significant environmental impacts, namely by controlling the production of waste, managing its treatment and minimizing the consumption of resources.

  • Identify, evaluate and control the existing and potential risks to the safety and health of employees, increasing the level of protection.

  • Respect the agreements established with Suppliers.

  • Commit suppliers and subcontractors to the application of the principles of quality, environment, safety and health explicit in this Policy.

>> Manual of Quality, Environment and Safety

>> ISO 9001 Quality Certificate

>> ISO 14001 Environment Certificate

>> OHSAS 18001 Security Certificate

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