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Corporate Social Responsibility

The main function of a company is to create value through the production of goods and services required by the society, thus generating profits for owners and shareholders and well-being for society, particularly through an on-going process of job creation. The emergence of new social and market pressures is leading to a gradual change in the values and horizons of business activity.

Social responsibility is, therefore, the voluntary inclusion of social and environmental concerns by companies in their business activities and in their relationships with all parties. Companies increasingly recognise today that economic and financial success is closely linked to environmental and social performance.

Based on this assumption, CBE has maintained a permanent and consistent stance in relation to these principles, by acting as a strong link in its connection to society and ensuring a high position and awareness in terms of social responsibility.

Actions within this scope are diverse and focused on several areas of intervention, among which we highlight the following:

  • CBE supports new " Solidarity Bag " Campaign for AMI - International Medical Assistance

For the Second Year, CBE will support the campaign of raising food and hygiene products for AMI Foundation, with a view to their distribution to people with low economic resources, in partnership with Kelly Services.

Noteworthy that the CBE has joined this cause for 2 years now, and has consistently contributed by returning the bags filled of food and supportive care products.

A small contribution can make a big difference !

  • CBE sponsored junior football team “CIF – Clube Internacional de Foot-ball”.

CBE sponsored the junior football team “CIF - Clube Internacional de Foot-ball” for them to be able to participate in the 7th Edition of the Foot21 Cup, that took place in Azores Islands.


This Sports event is aimed at young people aged between 6 and 12 years, and particularly for this team, it aimed to give an opportunity to some needed children to participate in this event, which otherwise would not be possible.


CIF (rank 2002) finished in 1st place, passing to the quarter finals. The winners of the other 3 groups were Benfica, Porto and Braga.


CIF lost in the semi-finals with Benfica (0-2) who won the tournament beating Porto in the final by 10-2.

CIF finished in 4th place after losing to Braga, in the dispute between 3rd and 4th place.

  • CBE once again gathers to help ABEIV - Association for the Welfare of Children of Vialonga.

CBE's management and employees, from north to south, unite again in a worthy cause this Christmas 2013.

The action of social character appears with the aim of helping the children´s temporary shelter association, that welcomes children with basic and fundamental needs.


  • Campaign "Solidarity Bag" AMI Foundation

In October 2013, CBE has supported the campaign to raise food and hygiene goods for the AMI Foundation, to distribute to needed people, in partnership with the company Kelly Services.

To note that in 2012, employees and partners have joined this cause, contributing with over 1,200 solidarity bags, making around 6,000 kgs of food and hygiene goods.

A small contribution can make a big difference.

  • CBE, together with its employees, helps ABEIV - Associação para o Bem-Estar Infantil de Vialonga
    (Vialonga Children's Welfare Association)

CBE's board and employees, from north to south, came together for a campaign during Christmas 2012.

The action of a social nature was carried out with the aim of helping the 20 or so children in the Centro de Acolhimento Temporário de Vialonga (Vialonga Temporary Refuge Centre), which welcomes children at risk, aged 0 months to twelve years old. CBE had the opportunity to speak with the director of the Centre, Vitor Cardoso, who expressed his gratitude for this initiative, which will meet many of the needs of the children.

Many items were delivered to the headquarters in Vialonga, including food, toiletries, shoes, pyjamas, children's clothing and bedding, blankets, dummies and some toys. The volume of items delivered largely exceeded all expectations. The success of this campaign was due to the supportive attitude of all CBE's employees, small gestures that certainly brought great changes to the lives of these children.



  • Battery recycling helps Instituto Português de Oncologia (Portuguese Institute of Oncology)

CBE supported another National Public Used Battery Collection Campaign and on 28 December delivered all the batteries collected during 2012.

This initiative, promoted by Ecopilhas for the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO), meant that the Lisbon IPO could be provided with equipment to support complex surgical interventions.


  • CBE offers vehicle to APAV

In another social nature initiative, in November 2010 CBE donated a car to APAV. This offer has enabled this institution to participate in an itinerant project to provide support for immigrant victims in the municipalities of Albufeira, Portimão, Loulé, Faro and Tavira. For more information about this altruistic gesture for the community, please see the Sponsorship Report.



  • CBE sponsored "União Recreativa Desportiva de Tires" football team

In terms of sports, CBE sponsored the "União Recreativa Desportiva de Tires" football team to participate in the 4th year of Copa Foot 21, held in Vila Real de Santo António. This sporting event is aimed at young people aged between 6 and 12 and, in the case of this team, sought to give an opportunity to some of the neediest children to participate in the event, which they would otherwise not have been able to.

  • CBE promotes practical training in fire prevention

With a focus on the constant training and preparation of its employees, CBE supports training courses for practice in fire prevention, thus valuing the resources of the community in which CBE operates. Within this scope, fire and victim rescue drills, use of fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing have already been carried, funded by CBE and involving the presence of the Vialonga Volunteer Fire-fighters.