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Technical Area and Implementation

CBE has accumulated experience in the area of Deployment that dates back to 2000, and the company has participated in the deployment of the 2G & 3G network of the leading Portuguese operators.

Among our range of skills we can highlight the following business areas:

  • Integrated installation of 2G / 3G radiant and microwave systems;

  • Installation and integration of microwave systems in roll-out and turn-key designs.

  • Installation and configuration of BTSs;

  • Swap of mobile technology;

  • Installation of public information systems and CCTV systems in railway environment;

  • Streamlining of mobile networks;

  • Radio capacity increase for base stations;

  • Installation of racks and structured network on technical rooms and data centres;

  • Installation and configuration of routers;

  • Installation of structured networks in business centres, buildings and schools;

  • Installation ofindoor 2G / 3G and Wi-Fi networks.