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Construction of Mobile Networks

The Mobile Networks Construction area focuses primarily on the installation of telecommunication base stations, offering Customers solutions in turnkey design.

With accumulated experience in this area dating back to 2000, CBE has monitored and followed the constant technology developments, enabling it to create value for the Customer.

Construction of networks for mobile telecoms:

  • Technical surveys to construction sites;

  • Negotiation of sites with landlords for installing base stations;

  • Preparation of stability studies;

  • Supply and installation of telecoms towers and cabins;

  • Re-engineering of infrastructures on existing stations.


  • Installation of radio equipment, routers and microwaves;

  • Installation of dedicated circuits;

  • Swap of radio technologies;Installation of dedicated circuits;

  • Extension of transmission circuits.

Performance of tests on equipment integration:

  • Configuration of radio/BTSs, routers and microwaves;

  • Testing of radiant systems;

  • Testing of network performance.