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CBE is highly committed to the training and practicing of its employees and Customers, through investments in technology and a set of highly specialised trainers in all areas of our business.

Training is definitely a differentiating factor in the quality of our services.

Training and practicing - Fixed networks (FTTH / FTTN / HFC):

  • Planning, design and engineering of networks;

  • Monitoring of installation of telecommunication networks;

  • Fusion splits of optical fibres and implementation of connectors;

  • Continuity and reflectometry tests;

  • Network registries.

Training and practicing - Mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE):

  • Planning, design and engineering of wireless networks;

  • Monitoring of wireless networks installation;

  • Mobile connectors and cables;

  • Testing equipment, antennae and microwaves;

  • Installation and configuration of active equipment.